Brutal beating of three german tourists by german neonazis

Mallorca/Spain. Three German tourists were victims of a brutal beating on the beach of San Juan, Mallorca. Two remain hospitalized in serious condition. A camera recorded the attack. A report by the spanish correspondent of HopenotHate.


The authors are also three German men, which could be gatekeepers of a nightclub.
One block to his victim, while another kicks in the head. One youth was unconscious. The strength of one of the blows leaves the other 28-year tourist dazed, but almost miraculously manages to recover and limped draws to a friend.
There are witnesses who say that criminals shouted racist insults. Police are seeking three men who dress alike, with shirts with the logo of Combat 88. Could be related to a neo-Nazi organization. The eight corresponds to H of the alphabet. So in the code translates as National Socialist Heil Hitler. Ensure that agents will not go unpunished brutal beating.
While tourists, also of German nationality, continue in the Son Llatzer Hospital in serious condition. published a video record of the beating. Advice: This video contains brutal scenes.